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Only FAB Dock carries this specialized inflatable protection for your watercraft. It's a way to keep your boat out of the water and keep it clean. No fenders and no foul! The FAB Dock has no weight restriction and comes in multiple sizes for your convenience. This product is perfect for any sized boat. For more information, or to schedule your FREE consultation

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Dock Your Boat with Ease

The universal range features standard sizing, allowing H2O Dock Solutions to offer you off-the-shelf docks that are ready to ship and install quicker. These docks are suited for most marine craft with outboard motors and stern drives. To complement this range, we have also developed our own harness system. This ensures that even if your FAB Dock is slightly larger than required, your boat can still enter the dock and stop in its ideal docking position to ensure optimum berthing of your vessel.

Benefits of Our Universal Range Docks

• 12-volt power • Compact and safe • Easy to maintain • Economical and cost-effective • Environmentally friendly • Patented water sensing module

• Perfect for shallow water • Solar power capabilities • Stress-free boating • Suits all monohulls • Transportable

Dock Your Boat with Ease

All FAB Dock solutions are backed by our 3year standard warranty on general materials and workmanship. Additionally, they are covered with a 12-month warranty on all electrical components.

Multiple Options to Choose From

The universal range FAB Dock is available in multiple convenient size options ranging as small as 17' to sizes as big as 44'. Contact us today to find out which Universal option is best for you! Quality Accessories Available

You can also purchase matching accessories for your universal range FAB Dock, including battery monitors and mooring line adapters. We are open seven days a week, so you'll always get a fast response time when you contact our friendly team. If we miss your call for any reason, you'll hear back the same business day. Give us a call to set up your FREE consultation.

In addition to saving money and time, berthing your boat will never be easier, simply use your FAB Dock as a bumper to guide you in and reduce the risk of damage to your boat. Start enjoying the many benefits of FAB Dock with our pre-built, ready to go range. The peace of mind of knowing your boat will be as clean and dry as the day you put it away is only a call away.


Dry Docks Suitable for Multi-Hull Crafts

FAB Dock offers you multi-hull dry docking solutions suitable for catamarans, trimarans and pontoon boats between 17'-100' long. These products are specially constructed with tubes to match the shape of each boat's hulls. This means the time to drain water from your dock is kept to a minimum.

With a secure flotation system between the hulls, each hull has an individual pumping system to ensure your vessel stays completely dry at all times.

For safe berthing of your craft and reduced maintenance costs, choose FAB Dock. All our products are backed with a 3-year standard warranty on general materials and workmanship, as well as a 12-month warranty on all electrical components.

Key Benefits of Our Multi-Hull Docks

• 12-volt power • Compact and safe • Cost-effective solution • Easy to maintain • Eco-friendly • Fits any width boat from
17'-100' feet long

• Patented water sensing module • Shallow water capabilities • Solar power capabilities • Stress-free boating • Suitable for all multi-hulls and pontoon boats • Transportable

Top-of-the-Line Materials

All FAB Dock products are made from the highest quality materials and components available today. We even developed our own outof-water float switch to ensure optimum performance, after we could not find a float switch on the market that met our standards.



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