Slide our easy-to-use H-Beams into the side or end channels of your Wave Dock Sections to lock the dock sections together. Modular dock connection is seamless, stable, and provides unlimited options for your personal Wave Dock system configuration. H-Beams are available in 3 sizes to allow you to configure and customize your Wave Dock layout (side-to side or end-to-end).


Rotationally Molded, UV Protected Polyethylene

Slides Into the H-Beam Channels on Your Wave Dock

Sits Flush with Dock Surface

Dimensions: 24″ L x 12″ H x 8.5″ D


Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene Construction

Weatherproof & UV Resistant

Molded-In Handle

Molded-In Inserts

Connects Sections Quickly

Provides A Solid Connection

Excellent Rigidity & Flexibility

Available H-Beams:
24″ (Pair) – Connects a 30″ X 60″ Dock Section to the end of a 60″ X 120″ Wave Dock Sections.
31″ (Pair) – Connects two 40″ X 120″ Wave Dock Sections end-to-end.
50″ (Pair) – Connects 60″ X 120″ Wave Dock Sections side-to-side.
50″ (Pair) – Connects 60″ X 120″ Wave Dock Sections end to end.

Warranty Period : 0 Years
SKU : 300069